Sunday, 24 February 2013

Welcome to the Warrimoo History Blog

Welcome to the Warrimoo History Blogspot. At the moment it is me, Bob Treasure, and Evelyn Richardson, who share a love of Warrimoo and an avid interest in its history. Warrimoo is a unique place. It is different from the opulent “Cafe-culture” well-being of Glenbrook or the bustling shopping centres of Blaxland or Springwood—it has a calm, democratic, civic-minded, mutually supportive community atmosphere. Its modest but varied domestic architecture portrays decades of growth and opportunity, especially for ordinary Australian families seeking to live within or beside native Australian flora and fauna, respecting the bushland around them. It is people that make Warrimoo’s unique character: a great place to live. They in turn are a reflection of those who have come before us, those who have set the parameters of Warrimoo’s amenities and community culture—this blogspot is dedicated to them.

Much work has already been done: the Luptons, long term residents of Warrimoo, and John Low from Springwood Library, set the ball in motion when a summary history of Warrimoo was written for the Warrimoo PS 25th Anniversary Magazine. The research work done by Kate Matthew and especially Evelyn Richardson under the aegis of the Warrimoo Village Green (2007-09) is simply too valuable not to be published, so as time goes on Evelyn will be uploading data, images and findings already assembled on the history of our wonderful local community. We trust you will find these fascinating.

History is an organic thing. It is not fixed nor set in concrete. It depends on constant “further discovery”, mistakes, re-interpretation and wide participation to really work as it should, as a vital, stimulating and exciting science, relevant to all. So please, fellow Warrimooians, help us compile the most brilliant local history possible. Send in your own stories, family adventures, observations, memories, photos and memorabilia to<warrimoohistory@gmail.com>. Give us your views, your criticisms, your interpretations and your knowledge. Pass on your interest to others and help us build a full picture of Warrimoo’s past, so that our future residents better understand their own special “place” in the world.  


  1. Thank you for this. A great read for a relatively new warrimooer (since 2000)!

    1. Many thanks, Toni! It is still a work in progress, and we hope to bring our history all the way up to 2000 in future!

  2. I still enjoy returning to this blog to see what has changed - so thank you!

    I have an Enquiry in relation to a special photo on the site ... It is the "W" photo (from the original Warrimoo sign likely organised by Rickard. I'd love to put this on canvas for my Warrimoo house, but the resolution is a little too low. Would you have any ideas about obtaining a copy of higher resolution? Many thanks.

  3. What an amazing thorough work, Thanks so much.
    I met an 'Evelyn Richardson', only twice, about 20 years ago. She had an amazing voice and recorded one of my songs, lost touch sadly. I wonder if it is the same person, and if so I wonder if she is still singing ??
    Thanks again Bob
    john c Hill